Welcome to Delight & Dwell!

This blog is my outlet to share things I’m loving, things I’m learning and things that have helped me live more intentionally so I can delight and dwell in all the ways I’ve been blessed.

I’m married to my handsome hunk of a man, Steven, who supported me in my decision to abandon our Southern California roots and move to Austin, TX with our pup pup, Amber. (And now Farmington, our rescue Boxer.)

I graduated from a small, liberal arts college in Napa Valley with a degree in Communications: Journalism and Public Relations. I love getting to know people. Upon meeting someone, I find myself having to restrain myself from turning an introductory conversation into an interrogation. I love learning people’s stories, about their families and their passions. It explains why I chose a career in philanthropy, a derivative of the Greek word philánthrōpos which literally means “to love [people] humanity”.

As my passion began to grow in fundraising, I found a niche within corporate social responsibility around the same time my spending habits began shifting toward companies with an authentic commitment to their community and environment. This lead me to earn my MBA so I could blend my “love for people” with a business acumen.

This blog is an extension of who I am day-to-day. As much as I want to make this site as aesthetically pleasing and relatable as possible, I may not always succeed. At the end of the day, I gotta stay true to myself so the words on this page will reflect that – polished or not.

I’m so grateful that you’re here.

Tay Signautre

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