The Only Thing In My Way: FINALS.

Today marked my last official day of classes. Unlike any other “last day of class” from previous years, the sky was gloomy and the air was damp instead of the scorching 90º heat most PUC-ites are used to. Aside from preparing for my last day of classes, I was also busy scrambling around campus making withdrawals from our class account to start preparing for Graduation and then running around Napa/Fairfield purchasing those necessary items.

I’m not too worried about finals, only two per day. I’m more nervous for what happens after finals are over. My last day of finals is Wednesday and Kaliko, my best friend who lives in Hawaii, will be flying in. Thursday is going to be a perfect day to relax and enjoy it with my friends before the Graduation craziness begins. And then what?

The importance of today didn’t really hit me until that green light on my phone kept going off – another email. All day my inbox was flooded with information about caps and gowns, graduation practice, honor cords, the graduation program. All the emails I had been accustomed to receiving were never as important as the ones I received today because all were in preparation for NEXT weekend. Not three months from now, not even three weeks from now. Everything became real. Don’t even get me started when I hear Pomp and Circumstance. 

It would be safe to say that I am nervous because I’m still figuring out what I will be doing for my “first real job.” But at the same time, I’ve already made/booked plans up until June 29, so I guess that doesn’t really give me an option to start working right after Grad. Honestly, I think it’ll be good for me to settle back down and enjoy the rewards of a very meaningful accomplishment.

In June I already have two trips to Vegas booked, a 5-day business trip to Indianapolis, two Graduation dinners with different sides of my family, all the while hosting Kaliko. This is going to be a jam-packed summer!

Steven has been more than what an average supportive boyfriend is expected of. Every step of the way through my senior year, he’s been by my side. Literally. I don’t know how many times he got dragged into helping set up, promoting events, staying late to help clean up, and everything else an officer is expected to do. Aside from that, when no one else is around, he’s there to listen to me vent and cry and sometimes, just rest my head. I feel an instant calm whenever I think about him. Tonight, we celebrated our 21 months and my last day of classes at Morimoto’s in Napa. We definitely ate our hearts out with our 3-course meal. Just earlier this week, we had another 3-course meal at Meadowood with some friends. Who says college students can only afford crappy food to eat? We both work hard and rewarding ourselves with decadent meals is only fair … right? 😉

Starting Sunday, it’s game time. Here’s to finishing the year strong while soaking in our final days at PUC. Eight more days.

Keeping all the seniors (and everyone else going through finals) in my prayers,

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