School’s out…for the rest of my life!

Last night, my final send off from college was Communication Research. This is a two-quarter long research class that puts students through a whirlwind of papers, surveys, data collection, an amalgam of tests (chi-square: my enemy), studying past studies – killer. But I had two good friends (who by the end of our 20 weeks together became great friends) Aren Rennacker and Brennan Puiia who were amazing to work with and always relieved the stress of this class and life with their witty humor and undeniable charm :).

After I finished my 3-part test last night, I walked out of Irwin and called my mom, who happened to call me twice during my final. I immediately started tearing, I was so relieved to have finished Comm Research (“so” isn’t extreme enough) but I felt this sadness overwhelming me. My mom asked if I was laughing or crying – I couldn’t tell. PUC has been home for me and those students in my Comm Research class have become family. It sounds cheesy but for the amount of TIME we all spent together (in and out of class), they’ve been such a great support group through the hardest classes, the more frustrating assignments and everything else.

I am so proud of our Communication department. Within the four years we were at PUC, the program has improved and literally changed before our eyes. I am so excited for future “Commies” and I know that our department will produce some of the most remarkable career people. The ViewPoint will be overflowing with stories about our class.

To the wild, crazy and ridiculously intelligent professors, the students who were family to me and Room 323, you will be missed. The memories of everyone trickling into 323, immediately sparking conversation with anyone around and having that vibrant connection between us and our professor is so unique to our department, I’ll cherish it forever.

Cheers, Communication Seniors of 2011. I cannot wait to see where we all end up.

All my love,


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