For the first four days of working, I took at least one wrong turn each day on my way to work. And not to mention, I live 2.3 miles away. But to my satisfaction, for the past two days I’ve been able to drive around the OC without the use of my navi. *Pat on back*

During my consistent 18 days of living in this area, I’ve concluded a few things I need to maximize my life here:

  • Some white friends who own boats so I can sail around the harbor and wear my Sperry’s out of necessity and not fashion.
  • A work-out buddy. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the feeling after working out and feeling good in my body but I get so bored. I need a friend out here to make it fun yet rewarding.

Basically this is a classified ad for a friend disguised as a tumblr post. Sad.

Anyway, I finally have a day off tomorrow (thank God … literally) and will be spending it at the beach. 

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