Day #2 of Having 31 Teeth

Despite the pain, inability to barely open my mouth and constant headache, I think I had a pretty good day.

Taylor’s Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction Diet:

  • A Cozy Shack Sugar-Free Pudding
  • Hummus
  • Cup of coffee ice cream
  • Arroz Caldo (Steven and I made it!)
  • Coldstone milkshake
  • Mac n Cheese
  • Mashed potatoes

And for some odd reason, I’ve been getting lightheaded pretty easily so we just spent the day at the theaters. We saw Crazy, Stupid Love (Ape, I thought of you the entire time!!) and Winnie the Pooh. Now, we’re at home watching Machete – I would not recommend it. Just listening to the movie as I type is making me wanna hurl.

Unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow at 8. I’m gonna bring my hummus and some soft fruit to work tomorrow. Can’t keep living off of milkshakes. ( ) ’_’ ( ) 

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