Today was a Good Day.

It’s Back to School season. What this means for a recent college grad? Nothing. What this means for the assistant manager of a kids department? Everything.

For the past few days, our floor has been flooded with shoppers. Great for our business and great for my sales team. Unfortunately, with Back to School season comes … well, back to school. Seven of the eight salespeople in my department are still in college. On Monday, they all resumed classes at the local community college leaving me and the other department manager to fend for ourselves. It was refreshing to ignore my typical responsibilities and be able to help customers all day long but my goodness, I have never worked that hard in retail. I was beyond exhausted yesterday. I’ve grown accustom to always being on my feet and doing a hundred things at once but yesterday definitely proved me wrong. 

Luckily, today I had two people on my floor, which alleviated a lot of stress (Good Day Contributor #1). Then, a 60-something grandma with killer style and a granddaughter decked in A-pockets and leopard print TB Revas approached me for help. I spent a solid hour with them just talking about fashion and getting a sense of her style. The little girl completely floored me with her maturity, discretion (despite the fact that her grandma was willing to buy her anything in the store) and fashion sense. Another customer overheard us and had to ask how old she was because she couldn’t believe how eloquent this soon-to-be 11-year old was! After all was said and done, I scheduled a time for them to come back in two weeks to do even more shopping for her upcoming birthday (Good Day Contributor #2)!

Then my day continued on. Work work work. Mom called me to have lunch with her at Wahoos (Good Day Contributor #3). Then bought three skirts for fall from Forever for $25 (Good Day Contributor #4)!! Then returned to work…work work work. Then met with Jae, my trainer. We finally are picking up the pace (only the fourth session), and I loved every second of it (Good Day Contributor #5). He also brought me three T-shirts and a tank from his company…he already knows I love me some free T-shirts (Good Day Contributor #6) and also due to the fact that I only work out in baggy tees -_-.

After that hour, I headed over to Target (Good Day Contributor #7) and took my sweet time down every aisle and admiring all that Target has to offer (I love not being rushed). Found some awesome goodies and kept it under $100 (Good Day Contributor #8). One of those goodies included a candle that smelled sooo great to me. I kept sniffing it because it reminded me of something, but I could not put my finger on it.

Now I’m at home, cozied up in bed with the candle lit…and it hits me. The scent reminds me of this IKEA candle I bought while living in Florence (Good Day Contributor #9). It smells EXACTLY like it. It definitely brings me back to some of the best times of my life and now I can fall asleep having concluded one of the simplest, yet happiest days of my work week.

Buona notte, i miei amici.


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