The whole purpose of starting this blog was to track my path to becoming a “big girl”. I realized I’ve been lagging it a bit with posts, but when you’re making big girl moves, it’s hard to find the time to put your life into words. After a day like today, I feel my current state is worth taking time to document.

I always viewed Graduation to be the most pivotal point in my young life. I mentally prepared myself during the months leading up to it that as soon as I receive that diploma – I become accountable. I’m pretty proud to say that since that moment, I’ve taken full control of my credit card bills, car payment, loans, insurance, gas and every other expense in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I budgeted it so I could still have money to play and shop with (I’m not completely robbing myself of adolescent frivolous spending), but for the most part, I view each pay check with an allotted destination before it even hits my checking account.

Lesson for all collegiate folk: it is the best, I will say it again, best feeling to be financially independent. Seeing bills and price tags don’t even phase me anymore. Knowing that I am working hard and have a growing savings account makes me feel so secure. Yeah this is just a starting point, but when starting a family becomes a more realistic option, I know nothing will restrain me.

Okay, now onto my current job. Everyone by now knows I work for Loma Linda University – but no one has a clue as to what I do for them. I am the Annual Giving Associate. What is that? I implement the annual giving campaign for the university and particular components of the medical center, mostly through direct mailings. LLU is a non-profit organization and it depends on alumni, patients and donors to keep it thriving and improving. My responsibilities require writing letters for the School of Nursing, Allied Health (all nine departments within it), Public Health, Student Missionaries, Proton Research and School of Medicine End-of-Year letter. Along with that, there’s a lot of numbers to track, people to call, students and patients to interview and events to attend.

Starting pay? Yeah right, I’m not posting that. But I’ll at least say that I’m salary and although I have the advantage of taking my lunch when I please and receiving a steady paycheck, I realized for the first time today that I am always "on the clock". If someone needs to reach me at 7 p.m., I need to be available. It almost makes me feel guilty for not working when I’m home because I know how much is still left to be done for the week. 

Hmm…what else? I do love dressing up for my job. I feel so profeshhhh. My dad said every time he sees me in my work outfits, he sees my mom. I esteem that very highly because she has always been an amazing role model as a career woman ever since I was born. 

Right now, everything is a learning experience. I’ve taken my business ethic from Nordstrom to treat everyone as fairly and considerately as I possibly can. I’ve used my knowledge from PUC professors to conquer each task that’s thrown my way. I rely on the strength that comes from God, because at times I feel so numb from over-exhaustion, but the simplest verses immediately calm me and keeps me going. I anticipate coming home to video chat with Steven and talk about anything but work and just enjoy our moments “together” (well, venting to him about work does tend to have a therapeutic effect on me). And I am working hard to establish my place at Loma Linda, so I don’t have to be the “new girl with all the questions” and just be self-sufficient.

I’m thinking for my next post, I will explain all the different types of insurances, benefits and packages in layman terms to help out any other budding career people. Lord knows I needed it!

Til then.


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