My First Good Day

THANK YOU LORD ALMIGHTY, I FINALLY HAD A WORK DAY THAT I DIDN’T FEEL EXHAUSTED, BEATEN DOWN NOR ANXIOUS. It amazes me how the littlest things make me so happy now. When I was at Nordstrom, I’d consider a good day when my department beat LY and I went home with some “necessary” new merch that we got in that day. I would go home with bags each day and think to myself, “How have I been living without this?” The satisfaction I felt from contributing to my overstuffed closet was so rewarding and now, I don’t remember the last time I actually bought something to wear that cost more than $20 and I don’t feel that void. Don’t get me wrong, I adore fashion and shopping and the thrill of it all – but as soon as I’m removed from a decent shopping area, my day is easily completed with so much less.

Continuing on…

I attended the HR Employee Benefits Fair with the “other new girl” Ally today. We are both new hires so we had so much to gain from attending the fair and I loved it! Free pens (HELLO!) and goodies and raffles were great, but I actually did some productive things at the fair:

  • I determined what type of insurance I’ll enroll for
  • I learned what a deductible is
  • I opened up a Roth account to start preparing for retirement. The fidelity plan I chose has my estimated retirement year at 2050. Ay carumba! But I know I’ll appreciate it when I’m too old and too tired to work!
  • I have a list of all the doctors I need to see (I need an eye exam STAT) and all the doctors I’m going to see just for kicks because Risk Management is awweeeesomeee (like a chiropractor because I need a heavy duty massage HAHA)

Aside from that, I scored a 5-minute massage, notepads to last for days, vouchers for the San Bernardino Indoor Karting place and a snazzy reusable bag to throw it all in!

Today was good and I thank God for blessing me everyday.

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