Another year

2012 came around so quickly, I didn’t even think to reflect on this past year and everything that happened.

I haven’t been in the most festive mood with these past holidays but reading on tumblr and Facebook about everyone’s experiences and their expectations for the new year inspired me to think about mine.

2011 was a great year. In fact, it was probably the year I’ve been looking forward to the most for the past five or six years. I turned 21. I had some of the best times during my senior year. I graduated college as the Class President. I realized what I wanted to do with my degree (took me three years to figure that one out). I started my first full-time job (and then started a new one). I had amazing new experiences with Steven. I went skydiving. I celebrated my third Christmas and New Years with Steven. I got a place of my own. I let go of so much. And I gained even more. 

My only wish for 2012 is that God gives me the opportunity to learn, grow and stay happy. Life experiences aren’t always easy, but after another year ends and you get a quiet moment to reflect on those experiences and see how far you have come, you are left with the most satisfying confidence.

May 2012 be a blessed year for everyone.


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