My List of Everything

This isn’t a bucket list…because those lists consists of things you want to accomplish once before you die. This is my ongoing list for life. It sounds heavy but it’s been nagging me and it’s nice to finally put it into words.

  1. Start a relationship with God. I’ve always known it’s best, I’ve even experienced the blessings and spiritual renewal by having a connection with God, but for the past two years, I stopped my partial effort and accepted that I didn’t care. I can’t do this alone and for the first time in my life (truly) I understand the importance of church. Sometimes it isn’t just about you and your “spirituality” with God … sometimes you do need sermons to get you back in check and a community to support you when you feel like you’ll never stop sinking. I need to find that place.
  2. Care about my body. I really need to cut back on the junk food, the bumming around (now), binge eating, drinks that aren’t water and getting less than 7 hrs of sleep. It’s funny because I really do enjoy eating healthy. It’s not a sacrifice for me – it’s just a matter of convenience. Opening a bag of chips is much easier than preparing a salad.
  3. Budget whatever I have left. I did a good job with actually using my savings account my senior year but it wasn’t nearly comparable to the amount I spent. To be completely honest, I can say that I spent at least $1,000 on clothes, shoes, jewelry and more shoes this past year. If I were to pull up all my credit card statements, I’m sure the number will be a bit higher but I don’t want to go there. I love clothes, I do. But I seriously can’t do this anymore. In fact…I’m gonna take a break from this right now and purge my entire closet. I do it every summer and yet I still have a dresser full of clothes I never even look at. I’ll continue this depressing list later…

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