Here is the complete breakdown as to what lead me to this moment in my life.

  • Graduated from PUC with a BS in Public Relations and Journalism and a sweet Italian minor.
  • Worked at the Office of Advancement for a year and a half (we were the people who mailed alumni and asked for money…I know, what a nag but no one understands the immediate effect donations have on our school).
  • Up until April 2011, I always knew I wanted to do Fashion PR or continue to build my career with Nordstrom (previously a Fashion Merchandising Intern and seasonal sales associate).
  • Everyone knew me as a Nordstrom freak.
  • April 2011, Pam Sadler (my boss at Advancement, former VP for PUC) forwarded my resume (with my permission) to some of her personal contacts because she knew I had a future in fundraising.
  • June 2011, I attended PSI (Philanthropy Services for Institutions) Conference in Indianapolis. Over a span of four days, I attended 4 ½ hours of lectures each day regarding marketing, fundraising, website construction, donor relations for Healthcare, Academies, Higher Education and Ministry. I was blown away because I have always had a philanthropic heart (with what little I had) and it solidified my passion knowing I can turn this into a career.
  • Pivotal point: interviewing for a Nordstrom Assistant Manager position and a Loma Linda Children’s Hospital Marketing position for the Foundation.
  • Thinking realistically, I had to go for both. Although I would be utilizing completely different skill sets, I felt like I had an equal passion for both.
  • In my head, Loma Linda was more convenient. Almost all my friends and family live in the vicinity and it was a 9-5 job. But Nordstrom had been a career I have been pursuing since my sophomore year in college. Working with Nordstrom isn’t just selling clothes and it’s not a waste of a degree. The beauty of Nordstrom is the ability to “blaze your own trail.” Moving laterally, vertically, sideways, backwards … nothing is unconventional and there are endless opportunities within the company. For me, it has never been about becoming a Buyer or Regional Manager. My dream is to lead the Nordstrom Cares program. Nordstrom has a huge environmental and societal influence. With a prominent reputation, successful results and innovative team members, I can envision an amazing career that I know is attainable.
  • I met with the VP for Advancement for LLU and the CEO of LLU Healthcare while interviewing for the Nordstrom position–I was torn. If it came down to both choices, it’d be a sacrifice either way. 
  • May 2011, Pam told me LLU had multiple positions available within the advancement and development department. She was trying to comfort me suggesting that there was a good chance that one of those spots could be mine. After doing research this week, I saw that four positions were filled by the most amazing people. The work they have accomplished over a span of 5-20 years intimidated me. It finally hit me that although working for the Foundation is amazing, I needed more experience. The position I had in mind wasn’t an internship or entry level job. I would be asked to run a large segment of the Foundation and I truly in my heart did not feel ready to take on such a big responsibility. 
  • Yesterday, the Store Manager of Nordstrom Fashion Island called me and offered me the Kidswear Assistant Manager job. Immediately, I felt peace. This is a HUGE leap for me but I am so ready to maximize this opportunity. During my interview, we already talked about my end goal. I spoke truthfully and explained my passion for non-profit work and my manager already supports me 100%. I believe her exact words were, “I feel so inspired now." 
  • For people who don’t know me well, they might think this is an easy job to get and underestimate it. But this job, this company embodies all of my passions: excellent customer service/relations, outstanding quality of clothes, handbags and shoes, leadership and giving back (check it out: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/nordstrom-cares?origin=footer).

So that’s my story. This is my first step. Living in Newport Beach for my first job. Seriously, can’t complain. Will definitely be burying my feet in the sand after a long day’s work. 

Please continue to pray for me as the Lord unravels His plan and by all means, come visit me whenever! To go beach or to shop! I always welcome company 🙂

All my love,


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