Day One: Done!

Everything today was so so yummy. It was definitely an adjustment to eat my oatmeal without brown sugar (I loooove) or PB (I looooove). Everything was so darn good today! I’m excited to sleep so I can wake up and eat some more tomorrow!

Today, I attempted to cook spaghetti squash for the first time. I’ve seen tons of people rave about it on blogs and I totally underestimated the difficulty of cutting that thing in half! I immediately petition any help and suggestions from Facebook and then little resourceful ol’ me found a solution:

My 5 lb weight was just what I needed to get my giant knife through the squash!

Ya learn something new every day!

Probably should have slept hours ago but I got a late start on meal prepping for the week since my Body Pump class didn’t get out til 7 p.m.

On to Day Two!


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