Week 2 in Full Swing

After successfully completing the first week of the 12 week challenge, I am more encouraged and motivated than ever. To sum up this past week: it was so easy!

Having your fridge and pantry stocked with ingredients for the week and a meal plan to follow has been such a blessing. Of course, there is a lot of grunt work in going to multiple grocery stores to get all the items (I had to go to three) and spending hours doing meal prep (and more hours doing clean up. Ugh.), I can officially say that I enjoyed my first week.

My diet at work is what concerns me the most. Either I wasn’t eating at all or I’d be going out to eat for every meal. It wasn’t hard to turn down lunch offers, either. I totally enjoyed everything I was eating. If you’re a calorie counter, the average day consisted of about 1,400 calories. Mine was a little less because I never ate M4 because I like to work out right after work and didn’t want to do it on a full stomach.

The weekend consisted of a night in with my boyfriend, Christmas party for his work and a birthday party for our friend’s daughter. Needless to say, there were many opportunities to go ham on my meals and I did. Haha, just kidding. Everything was in moderation. I didn’t deprive myself and I honestly don’t think Cassey would want me to either. I stayed on track with my eating and exercise the whole work week and a couple of meals throughout the weekend didn’t kill me. In fact, I weighed myself on Friday (lost a little over 2 lbs!) and then again on Sunday, and only a 0.5 lb difference! I’m okay with that!

Meal prep was a lot easier this week since I still had a ton of leftover groceries from last week. I will say though that this week’s menu is not the business. Already decided that I didn’t want to follow the breakfast plan, so I subbed it with last week’s menu. And I experimented with today’s lunch plan and I have the worst stomach ache. It was canned tuna with brown rice (why?!), apples (ate it on the side), celery (learning to tolerate it), egg whites (umm..okay…) and a “dressing” of lemon juice, some herbs and a bit of EVOO. I was telling Steven this recipe reminded me of that episode on Friends when Rachel makes an English Trifle for Thanksgiving but accidentally combines that recipe with a Shepherd’s Pie recipe. It just didn’t add up and I did not like it. Oddly enough, this week is supposed to have that damn tuna salad for lunch every single day! Last week was a M, W, F and T, Th and S rotation. I will definitely be getting more creative this week because I am not sticking with this tuna mush.

Aside from that, I’m drinking more water than ever. I’m also peeing more than ever too, but I guess more steps from my office to the bathroom is an added bonus too.

From what I’ve read on Instagram and Twitter, a lot of people have been getting results already too so that’s amazing! I do love the community of Blogilates and fellow popsters!

Now back to work as I try to not get distracted by this nauseating feeling resulting of today’s lunch.


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